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Cannabis + Camping

What Canadians need to know
Wonder & AweMay 15, 2019

Summer camping, had me a blast.

No matter if you’re from a small town, suburb or big city, nothing beats retreating into the forest for a few days of relaxation and exploration.

But this season has the added bonus of being the first summer where cannabis can be legally consumed on a camping trip!

upside camping progress

A Parks Canada campsite is considered like your private home, so feel free to pass a joint while strumming a guitar around the campfire. but it’s basically the same rules as beer, so you can’t consume anywhere else in public campgrounds and never, ever on a boat. In fact, you also can’t legally go in a boat on the water while impaired. Safety first!

You can also consume cannabis on trails and in backcountry in some provinces, like Alberta, BC, Ontario and Quebec. But you can’t in Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the Maritimes. There can also be different rules for provincial parks (Manitoba bans cannabis even in provincial campsites) as well as private campgrounds and even some municipalities. So as always, confirm your local regulations and respect your fellow campers to avoid any hassles.

After all, we just want to use cannabis to have fun and feel closer to nature. What’s better than the serenity of enjoying a little weed while on a summer walkabout in the wilderness? So bring a joint, pipe or vape in your backpack when gearing up for a hike. But, and we can’t stress this enough, always follow forest fire prevention practices. Check the rules based on local wildfire conditions, always bring a container for your roaches, never flick into the brush and don’t litter any buds.

Also, make sure to also bring plenty of snacks and water in case you get the munchies or dry mouth, and bring a map and charge up your phone so you always know how to get to where you want to be -- and how to get back.

Moderate consumption is the key when in nature to avoid getting accidentally lost in the woods, swimming further out than your actual ability or risking an encounter with wildlife like a bear. Getting too high in an unfamiliar, wild space can be dangerous, and if you have to be rescued your friends will never let you live it down.

Canadians have always enjoy going into the woods, so this year be smart, have fun, and enjoy relaxing and exploring even more than last summer.

Camping Dos

  • Consume at your campsite
  • Go forest bathing (yes, it’s a real health trend -- and it’s spectacular)
  • Pass a joint while singing campfire songs or telling ghost stories
  • Wake & bake & hike (but use a mellow, low-THC strain)

Camping Don’ts

  • Consume in public campground areas (washrooms, beach, playgrounds, paths, etc.)
  • Boat while high
  • Get too high while hiking or swimming
  • Flick your joints in the woods or do anything that could risk starting fire


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