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Eat Up: Episode 1

A culinary collaboration with interesting, creative and eclectic musicians in Toronto
Wonder & AweMay 20, 2019

Embedded content: https://vimeo.com/336609474

Eat Up is the result of a culinary experiment by Up. They brought together interesting, creative and eclectic musicians in the Toronto entertainment scene and together threw a dinner party in their honour, with Into The Weeds as the guide and host.

Canadian Celebrity Chef Chris Brown designs an outstanding menu of cannabis infused food, bringing together a rainbow of flavours. He carefully curated recipes that activate the senses and emotions of the diners as they discuss their own creative inspirations and the roots of their creativity, careers and successes.

The evening turned into an open and entertaining conversation between every one at the table. Hear how Michee Mee earned money to our herself through Girl Guides, where Gianni’s inspiration comes from and just exactly why Duckman decided to dedicate himself to bringing a smile to the faces of strangers. You might well be surprised...

There’s also fascinating insight in to just how to infuse your own dinner and ensure your guests don’t green out.

Eat Up is filled with surprises, great conversation and a lot of laughter.


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